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Greengeeks Web-hosting

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Host your website on the world's No1 eco-friendly webservers.

Finding the right host for your projects can be a hassle with so many hosting providers out there.
You’ll be looking for a reliable, performant and trustworthy partner to take your web project forward.
Today we’ll be looking at GreenGeeks web-hosting and you’ll see why I recommend them as the number one hosting provider for your future projects.

Greengeeks Web-hosting

Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks prides itself on being the world’s number one eco-friendly hosting company while offering lightning-fast performance, 99,9% uptime and 100% customer satisfaction.

Let’s have a look at what they have to offer and if they live up to their promises.

GreenGeeks is Eco-Friendly!

Wind-powered web-hosting? Yes, I’m not kidding you.
With Greengeeks you get hosting that provides a 300% eco-friendly footprint as part of their Renewable Energy Hosting Platform.
In cooperation with the Bonneville environmental foundation, GreenGeeks offers you a way to host your website while helping to save the planet!

GreenGeeks Hosting Support

As a web designer, I can honestly tell you good support does make a difference for your project (and sanity).
The endless waiting during email tickets or a chat box promising to be “right with you” for the past few hours is something we can all do without.
And here is why GreenGeeks Hosting is my number one choice!
During my four years as a GreenGeeks customer, I have enjoyed one of the best customer support I have ever seen (and that is not limited to hosting providers).
To begin with, their level-1 support (live-chat) isn’t really what you would expect.
GreenGeeks didn’t just put someone behind a screen replying with premade answer templates.

These guys (and girls) actually know what they are talking about and they go beyond to assist you with any problems related to your account, mail and website.
Polite and to the point solutions seems to be the priority for the support team staff.
For the rare cases level-1 support couldn’t solve an issue, the advanced level-2 support team took over in an equal fashion, providing solutions through the GreenGeeks ticket system within the same working day, usually within an hour or two.
And all of this without endless promotion of products or upgrades.
You won’t find better support anywhere!

Extensive knowledgebase

The GreenGeeks Help & Support library offers an amazing collection of detailed guides, tutorials and help topics to browse through.
All topics are well documented and easy to follow.
You can tell GreenGeeks made a real effort of creating an enjoyable user experience.

GreenGeeks Lightning fast

GreenGeeks offers great speed for your website using Ultra-optimized Litespeed servers and server-based caching, PHP-7, HTTP3/Quiq and SDD storage.
This all comes with rigorous security measures, account isolation, nightly backups and real-time scanning.

GreenGeeks Data Centers




Designite minimal web design WordPress design and Elementor design hosting greengeeks review 2021

GreenGeeks Hosting plans

With hosting plans starting as low as 2,49$ per month, you can start planning an affordable and performant online presence for your project.

And you’ll get lots of extras like:

  • Free CDN by Cloudfare
  • LSCache
  • SEO tools
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain (first year)

Highly recommended!

The main reasons I highly recommend this hosting provider are:

  • High performance Litespeed servers
  • Easy to use interface and customer area
  • Great 24/7 live chat and tech support.
  • Eco-friendly Hosting


Note: if you are looking for great eco-friendly hosting for your website, you can follow the link below and get started right away.

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