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The most efficient caching and optimization plugin when using the Litespeed web-server.

Pagespeed scores can be a real hassle when creating your website. The Litespeed Cache plugin, LSCache in short, is a great tool when your website is hosted on a Litespeed web server.
It includes build-in Page optimization, image optimization, critical CSS generation, CDN support and more.
With a 5 star rating, it’s on the top of my recommendations list.

LiteSpeed cache for WordPress

The Litespeed web server is an affordable, high-performance server with a cache engine integrated into the server core. The LSCache plugin for WordPress takes full advantage of the server’s impressive HTTP/2 performance to bring incredible speed to your website.

LSCache has an easy to use dashboard where you select the optimizations you require and can check the improvements your optimizations did for your website.

Designite minimal web design WordPress design and Elementor design

The plugin comes with build-in Pagespeed optimization and also offer an image optimization option.
You can take advantage of the integrated CDN or any other third-party CDN integration of your choice.

LSCache offers full support for personalized Woocommerce optimization for your Ecommerce store and includes a highly-configurable cache crawler.

LSCache & Elementor

Elementor is said to decrease your website’s speed but when configuring the LSCache plugin properly, you can see massive improvements in your page speed scores on Google page speed and GTmetrix.
When combining LSCache with the Toolkit for Elementor plugin, you can keep building your web site using your favourite page builder while maintaining a high page speed score!

Designite minimal web design WordPress design and Elementor design

LSCache &

The LSCache plugin for WordPress has the integrated CDN Service by CDN. CDN offers you dynamic full-page caching. This type for caching makes your web site and it’s dynamic content load faster and keeps your cache files up to date.
Each month offers its users free usage quota determined by the tiers.
You can, if needed, purchase additional quota using credits or shares.

Highly recommended!

The main reasons I highly recommend this caching plugin and the services it offers are:

  • LSCache is free yet extremely performant
  • Easy to use and well documented
  • Integrates perfectly with the LS-web servers
  • Great support

Note: if you are not hosted on Litespeed servers, you can still use the plugin with great effect.

However, page caching will be disabled.

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What is the LiteSpeed cache for WordPress plugin

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